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Manchester - Reprimand for exam help

A Catholic secondary school teacher has been reprimanded by the General Teaching Council for England (GTC) for using her knowledge to "improperly assist pupils" as they prepared for an exam.

Kathryn Clark, who was a key stage 3 co-ordinator at St Mary's Catholic High School in Tyldesley, Manchester, was found guilty in relation to a KS3 English test between April and May 2007.

Ms Clark prepared teaching resources that she accepted had similarities with test questions for long and short writing tests.

However, a professional conduct committee accepted that the resources did not actually assist pupils sitting the assessment. The GTC also found that Ms Clark had prepared the resources to "placate" her head of department rather than to help pupils dishonestly.

Her actions led to the pupils' Sats marks being annulled, although the GTC accepted that this had not had a longer-term impact on the students.

"Teachers have a responsibility to behave with integrity in the preparation of examination assessments," the GTC ruling said.

"Your actions had the potential to undermine such integrity. Furthermore, your actions had the potential to undermine the reputation of the school and public confidence in the profession."

A reprimand will be placed on Ms Clark's teaching record for two years. dm.

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