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Many hurdles to cash for sport

I agree with aspects of both sides of your summer debate over whether the Olympics will help school sport (TES, August 5).

I would love our school to be part of producing Olympians for 2012 but as a school sport co-ordinator I have been trying for a year to find funding for a sports hall, to no avail. The school has 1,200 pupils aged 11 to 18 but its only indoor facility is a 1930s gym. I cannot put on events and it is hard to motivate even talented athletes in such shabby and cramped conditions.

I've looked at conventional funding (too many hoops to jump through) and business sponsorship. Any suggestions would be welcomed. I think schools should be assessed on their needs, and funding given to develop sport accordingly.

You shouldn't have to make up reasons why you deserve the money hidden in various pots.

Ian Sawyer 19 Butterley Drive Loughborough, Leicestershire

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