Mark Jones

Mark Jones teaches Year 6 at St Gregory's Catholic Primary School in Stratford-upon-Avon

"The RSC is a fantastic resource. We've collaborated on projects for six years, the most recent being a three-minute film which the children scripted and performed after seeing The Tempest. The film was shown in the theatre lobby during the Christmas holidays. Coming to these special events adds enormous value to seeing the show and gives children a real insight into the creative processes. It's exciting to hear from professionals how to put a story on to the stage, and it would be wonderful for using the text in the literacy hour. Many of our pupils regard the RSC actors as role models. They've done quite a bit of acting at school and some are very good. Today's event will get us thinking about the way animals move and perhaps we'll go to a zoo to reinforce that awareness. We'll probably also perform scenes from the story and the comments the actors made about movement, voice, and eye contact will be very useful for that."

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