Marked unfairly

Tes Editorial

Your editorial description of a "rag tag army of inadequately qualified" key stage 3 English test-markers is insulting and grossly devalues the massive contribution of the many teachers involved ("Tests asking to be abolished", TES, March 18).

While your line will obviously appeal to those implacably opposed to the tests, it fails to recognise the valuable work done by the many professionals who are happy to take part.

As the new body responsible to the National Assessment Agency for marking, data collection and distribution, at Edexcel we are determined to make it work.

All our markers get excellent training and support and we are introducing additional checks this year, including more sampling of scripts to ensure markers not up to the job do not continue.

Many teachers are keen to be involved to ensure pupils get the marks they deserve. Despite your morale-sapping attitude, I hope more put themselves forward to help make the tests a success.

Chris Noon Programme manager, Edexcel 128 Long Acre, London WC2

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Tes Editorial

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