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FRANCOSCOPE EN CLAIR. By David Sprake and Steve Harrison. Oxford University Press Workbook Pounds 1.60; Teacher's book Pounds 9.50; Cassette Pounds 17.50, plus VAT.

This supplementary material for the Francoscope a la mode has been produced in response to requests for materials designed specifically for foundation tier and borderline candidates at GCSE. The workbooks follow the same sequence of units as the course book, and can be used in conjunction with it. Like the parent book, they are tailored to fit the requirements of the Southern Examining Group modular GCSE course, but could be used to prepare students for any GCSE syllabus.

The workbooks are designed for pupils to write in, but the answers to most exercises could quite easily be written on a separate sheet.

In either case, the thin paper covers are likely to need some reinforcement.

The well-devised tasks cover all four skills and are very straightforward,pitched at an appropriate level for students likely to gain grades C to E.

The "dossier sonore" pages provide a tight framework to support students in their speaking. Other tasks include sorting vocabulary by topic, grids for listening exercises, joining sentence halves, error-spotting, linking words to their definitions and many more.

The teacher's book gives clear guidance for each activity, and provides answers at the back. There are also four "Now I can..." sheets on which students can tick off items as they achieve them.

Practical and user-friendly, these materials could be a godsend for teachers seeking an uncomplicated preparation for foundation tier at GCSE.

Kathy Wicksteed is director, International Centre, Campion School, Northamptonshire

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