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Masters of tricky art of inspection

Adult learning inspectors are going back to the classroom to study for MA degrees.

The employees of the Adult Learning Inspectorate will study inspection and evaluation with Warwick university.

The three-year course will be largely based on home study with tutoring support from university lecturers and senior staff at ALI.

One group of ALI inspectors has already completed an induction course and a second is about to embark on the next stage.

Topics include organisational psychology and management, human behaviour in the workplace, ethics and professional practice, quality assurance mechanisms and organisational change.

ALI said the course would "be a very useful tool in refining inspector skills".

One inspector, Steve Townsley, who works in business administration, said:

"I'm keen to undertake the MA because I believe it will make me a better inspector.

"I'm joining an enthusiastic learning community, each member of whom will bring their own perspective and experience on inspection and evaluation. It should be fascinating."

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