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Valentine's Day approaches and we are glad to see that some are taking full advantage of its potential for spin. Into our office came a fetchingly wrapped box bearing the legend "Matchmakers".

Unravelling it in great anticipation of finding yet another admirer of this journal, we found a box of chocolates. Alas, the Matchmakers in question were Glenrothes and Fife colleges, drawing attention to the fact that they are soon to be united in merged bliss. Left a good taste in the mouth.

Incidentally, Fife College landed a prize catch last Sunday when no less a figure than Alan Greenspan dropped in. The man who makes the world economy go round as head of the US Federal Reserve was there to deliver a lecture.

Of course, it helps that the man who issued the invitation was local lad, one Gordon Brown, whose stewardship of the UK finances requires him to bump into Greenspan on occasion. And the lecture is an annual one in honour of Kirkcaldy's most famous son, Adam Smith.

So it was a case of "the world's premier economist delivering a lecture in tribute to the world's first economist", as Fife College principal Joyce Johnston so succinctly put it.

Matchmaking indeed.

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