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Material gains

Materials. By Chris Oxlade. WoodPlasticMetalGlass WoolPaper. Heinemann. pound;8.99 each or pound;51.24 for pack of 6 titles

MATERIAL WORLD. By Claire Llewellyn. WoodPlasticMetalGlass WoolPaperConcreteRubber. Watts pound;11.99 each

As children become familiar with design, they need to make guided choices about materials. While hands-on trial and error can be the best method of exploration, some background knowledge in an easy-to-understand format is invaluable.

These two series for infants are useful sources for independent research and should help pupils select and reject materials before the making stage. Both cover the properties and uses of materials and environmental issues.

The short texts of the Materials series are to the point and well-illustrated with colour photos. The Material World books have a more complex layout; "try this" sections require preparation, close supervision, and follow-up sessions. Activities include cleaning spoons with metal polish and burying plastic and paper cups in the ground. An excellent list of descriptive words for each material will prepare pupils for evaluation and disassembly.

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