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Materials and contacts

* J8 Change the World, produced by DfES and Morgan Stanley, contains fact sheets on the G8 countries and their impact on the world, plus pupil exercises. Competition details,

* Unicef is working to bring together young people from eight of the world's poorest countries and the G8 countries to discuss issues and put them on the agenda of international leaders.

"The C8 Children's Forum will be a platform for the world's most marginalised children to express their views and influence G8 leaders," says Unicef.

Children from Sierra Leone, Bhutan, Haiti, Cambodia, Yemen, the Republic of Guinea and Moldova will be in Edinburgh on July 3-5 to meet pupils from the G8 nations.

* The Young People's Commission for Africa will see pupils aged 12 to15 from 25 UK schools connect online with students from 25 African schools to discuss the continent's future. Each school will identify five of the most pressing challenges facing the young in Africa. The top 10 challenges identified will then be researched in depth. A report will be produced to be given to the Prime Minister. Organised by Plan UK, the commission's website will go live on June 16 and be a forum for children's views on Africa.

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