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Mathematical solutions

What's in the box?

The Number Box is a multi-sensory teaching programme and maths resource, due to be launched in June, designed for children who struggle with maths, including those with dyslexia, dyscalculia or receptive and expressive language difficulties. It is intended for use by a teaching assistant with one or two children but, with additional resources, it can be used with small groups. The Number Box is paper-free, using a whiteboard and pen, and wipeable work boards. Individual recording booklets are included for daily comments on successes and difficulties.

* The Number Box costs pound;84.95, plus VAT

Five Minute Box and Number Box Stand SN-A41

Matchstick maths

Written by John Dabell, Maths on Fire comprises a book and CD of 66 engaging matchstick puzzles aimed at ages 8-14. The book includes answers, an A-Z of mathematical concepts, a guide to naming polygons and planning help. The CD includes answers, extra questions, the facility to create your own puzzles and simple algebra.

* Maths on Fire costs pound;34, plus pound;2.80 VAT single-user license, including postage; pound;64, plus pound;8.05 VAT primary site licence; Pounds 94, plus pound;13.30 VAT middlesecondary site license, including postage Millgate House Stand PZ-J50

Automatic marking

Each Maths2XL (pictured) school package contains more than 200 individual audio, animated secondary maths lessons with accompanying worksheets and automatic marking. Packages for key stages 34 will be available from September 15.

* The school network edition of Maths 2XL costs pound;270 plus VAT per key stage, per annum, for unlimited use within school; stand-alone CD-Rom edition suitable for student revision, pound;95 per key stage. To subscribe and access the lessons online visit

Maths2XL Stand SW-N29

Number drills

The manufacturers claim that CAMI Maths - a software system that's being launched on June 1 - is "capable of boosting maths marks in a short time"

by focusing on knowledge retention through drill and practice, rather than the knowledge-transfer tutoring approach used by other maths systems. It can also be used for remediation purposes and extension work for the more advanced student.

* CAMI Maths costs pound;250 for a work-station license; prices from Pounds 125-pound;212 a work station for multiple copies. Free trials are available through the website.

Lexia UK Stand SW-N41


Join the club

Lessons in a Box KS2 Maths Club is a primary resource that's also recommended for special needs. It comprises 142 screened maths lessons, and supporting materials on CD-Rom. Printable activities include exercises such as Beat the Teacher, revision and games all linked to the National Numeracy Strategy. The course can be used for individual learning or for groups using an interactive whiteboard.

* Lessons in a Box KS2 Maths Club costs pound;1,000 plus VAT for the full maths club, including games. Schools can use eLC money to purchase courses.

Games and single-year groups can be purchased as separate units. A one-year course costs pound;300 plus VAT; a one-year game disk costs pound;60 plus VAT.

Lessons in a Box Stand SW-N28

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