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Maths with added creativity

As a school in a primary network we have no intention of shunning the arts or squeezing out creativity ("Primary networks shun arts subjects", TES, May 20).

Our network focus is on Year 5 maths for gifted and talented pupils. As the network fundholder, I make no apologies for aiming for success in the league tables. However, the six participating heads are committed to embedding a creative dimension throughout the programme.

Targeted children will use the Thames as the focus for a mathematical investigation called "Our River Maths". There will be trips to the Thames Barrier, drama and debates about issues such as pollution, research on tides and shipping, and other cross-curricular activity.

We plan to organise a summer school and work with London Gifted and Talented as well as a higher education institution. To ensure our network is outward looking and that it has a global dimension, we also intend to link up with a school in Cornwall and one in Kampala, Uganda.

The DfES's additional pound;2,000 funding will enable us to celebrate and publicise the children's work throughout Newham and Greater London.

Ciaran Clerkin


Selwyn primary school

Cecil Road, London E13

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