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Maths arrogance doesn't add up

NORMAN Edwards' letter (TES, January 14) made me seethe at his arrogant assumptions about mathematics in primary schools.

Is he suggesting that primary teachers are amateurs at teaching maths? Is he suggesting that all we ever did was plough through textbooks? Does he think that, before the numeracy hour, primary schools had no strategies in place for teaching mental mathematics, for encouraging formal and informal methods of calculating? Does he know anything at all about primary schools?

Perhaps econdary maths departments are so perfect (or perhaps precious?) that initiatives or, dare I say, attempts to raise standards, need not apply to them. But then, perhaps Mr Edwards is speaking for his own department, rather than for all.

It has been my experience, as a teacher for 20 years, that most primary pupils thoroughly enjoy maths and are achieving at ever-increasing levels. Can the same be said for secondary pupils?

Joyce Hedger

92 Lyth Hill Road

Bayston Hill, Shrewsbury

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