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Maths books and CD-Roms

l Letts' Revise GCSE Mathematics (pound;9.99) aims to provide insider tips for AQA, Edexcel, OCR, NICCEA and WJEC board exams. Expect exam questions, progress checks and model answers. GCSE Exam Secrets (pound;7.99) sets out to improve grades through practice and detailed walk-throughs on answering techniques. Split into easy-to-follow sections, GCSE Exam Secrets closes with a mock exam, complete with answers and examiner's tips.

* GCSE Maths Revision by Co-ordination Group Publications (pound;4.50) is split into three modules, each focusing on a specific area of the syllabus.

With an emphasis on practical learning through examples, every page has facts and techniques necessary to pass AQA GCSE. There are regular tests, and revision summaries provide more comprehensive testing.

* Collins publishes a range of revision guides and exam practice books for GCSE maths. Active Revision Guide (pound;7.99) combines CD-Rom and book revision and testing. Revision Guide (pound;9.99) pinpoints exam questions that are regularly answered badly and offers advice on avoiding common pitfalls. Revision sections are short, interspersed with tests and hints, while an exam practice section contains a thorough test. Instant Revision guides (Pounds 3.99) is aimed at students who need last-minute revision.

* Aimed at pupils of all ages who are struggling with algebra, Studymates'

Algebra (pound;9.99) contains practical advice on the theory behind complex equations. With "one-minute overviews", tests and tips, Graham Lawler's book provides a one-stop resource.

* As well as books dedicated to maths revision, Oxford University Press has developed a range of "e-tests". Your Personal Tutor (pound;5+VAT) is a series of interactive CD-Roms based on AQA, Edexcel and OCR exams. They aim to assess students' strengths and weaknesses via instant marking.

* Europress publishes a series of GCSE CD-Roms in triple pack form - English and maths with French, German or Spanish. The maths CD contains mock exams, comprehensive testing, detailed revision notes, and interactive tutorials. Costing pound;12.76, each triple-pack caters for the Edexcel, OCR, NEAB, AEB and WJEC boards.

* MyMaths website offers a range of revision and study guides with interactive walk-throughs and frequent tests. Students can play adapted versions of TV quizzes, such as Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and The Weakest Link.

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