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TES maths panellist Laura Rees-Hughes has been teaching maths for three years and is a second in department. Dedicated to making maths as hands-on as possible, she is a regular contributor to TES Resources. One of her latest resources - a pack of royal top trumps cards - is a great way to hone skills while celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

What is it?

Each of the set of 16 cards is decorated with a royal image - from corgis to pictures of the Queen, beefeaters and palaces. On each card are three categories: nobility, popularity and etiquette, followed by a sum. Split the pack and give each pupils eight cards. To work out who wins each hand, pupils nominate a category and do the calculations attached to it. The one who has the highest number wins.

What else?

Why not get pupils to print out the cards and create their own design for the back. Creative and fun, this will leave them with their own personalised mathematical memento of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

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Tes Editorial

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