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Maths in a fair world

Maths need not be tedious, irrelevant and elitist ("Wake up call to maths teachers", August 8).

Amnesty International's Maths and Human Rights resource book provides thought-provoking activities, which highlight the direct links between maths and human rights. Including exer-cises on voting systems and gerrymandering, fair trade and the distribution of scarce resources, the resource not only makes maths interesting and relevant, it also enables schools to deliver education for citizenship.

This resource has already been so popular with teachers and pupils the first run has sold out and a new edition is being produced for the new school year.

Armed with this book, maths teachers can make their classes interesting and, through highlighting the importance of human rights issues, contribute to a fairer world.

To find out more, contact Amnesty International Scotland on 0131 466 6200.

Claire Duncanson

Scottish Campaigner

Amnesty International Scotland

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