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Maths - A fun route to find solutions

What the lesson is about

"Maths puzzles" is a fun collection of resources compiled by Craig Barton, a maths teacher and creator of They are not only a way of engaging students, but can also help to develop problem-solving and thinking skills at GCSE or Standard grade levels. They are also useful for group work and give students an opportunity to explain their method and solution to the rest of the class.

How to use it

Included here is a top 10 of popular resources, from Creativity in Maths to Soccer Sudoku. The first is a fantastic resource from David Gale, who has hand-picked puzzles and activities that bring out the best in students, challenging them mathematically and helping them enjoy their subject more. The second offers Sudoku against the clock, with a football theme.

Mr Farmer has produced free resources for maths teachers in the past, including the indispensable Ten Quick Questions, Countdown Numbers Game. Also in this collection is Matchstick Mania.

For a really nice logic puzzle which requires sound knowledge of the properties of numbers, teachers can try Magic Star Puzzle. A kind TES Resources user has now supplied the answers!

Maths Relay Races is a set of resources, all in the "race game" format. Students start on Card 1, work together to solve it, sprint to the front with the answer and, if correct, get the next card. Chaos, fun and a lot of high-quality learning will ensue.

For students who love cracking codes, The Curious Case of the Student requires knowledge of the classic Caesar Cipher.

Where to find it

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