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What's it about?

My three-year-old has just started pre-school - an award-winning pre- school led by Lizzi, a like-minded teaching soul. She asked what my subject was - maths - and shuddered, and I wondered if we might ever rewrite the script for this common response, writes Naomi Sani. Let's imagine pupils and teachers having a totally different reaction, seeing maths as creative, fun and engaging. It is possible, but it's up to teachers and schools to make it happen.

Filling a gap

I have been asked many times if there was a book I could recommend. There wasn't, so I took that as a cue to write one. It was prompted by an article ridiculing David Beckham for not being able to help his six-year- old son with maths - a little harsh, as there are plenty of parents in the same predicament.

So I wrote How to Do Maths So Your Children Can Too for anyone who wants to help their kids with the subject. I highlighted new methods, terminology and teachings, and dealt with everything from mastering "number bonds" and "number lines" to dividing by "chunking", "partitioning" and using the "grid method" to multiply. Quite simple, really.

Teachers need to be aware of the expected maths skills for all pupils in their schools. They also need to hone their own maths skills and be ready to engage in professional development. The task is to persuade teachers to want to become more proficient at maths. But we need to get the basics right. If we do, they will be more confident and the cycle of negativity towards maths may even stop spinning.

Where to find it

How to Do Maths So Your Children Can Too is published by Vermilion and available on Amazon for pound;6.99.

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