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Maths goals

Football is a subject I use to draw out many maths elements. For a mental starter, I use what I call my "silly maths test". Each of 20 questions has a number for its answer. For instance, how many crossbars are there on a football pitch? How many socks are worn by a team? How many goalkeepers are there? What is the usual number on the back of a goalkeeper's shirt?

In the main part of the lesson, measurements such as distances can be investigated. Pupils use the internet to find:

* the circumference of the centre circle

* area of a pitch

* perimeter of a pitch

* distance from one goal to the other

* distance from the penalty spot to the goal.

In the plenary we share our findings and for further work or homework I ask pupils to draw a scaled down football pitch. A treat would be a class visit to a professional ground to make measurements. I've developed my own teaching pack on this theme for sale.Email: Isaac Anoom teaches at Donnington Primary School, Willesden, north London

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