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Maths labels

When doing word problems with primary pupils, one strategy often suggested is to highlight the important information in the question, but you can end up with lots of word problems on separate sheets. I wanted the children to do this work in their books, and needed a way for them to transfer the questions so that they could highlight them. Writing was too time consuming, as was cutting up paper and sticking it in. Now I buy sheets of labels for printing and use the label "wizard" (template) to type the questions. Each child can stick a copy into their book and use a highlighter to mark the information they need. The children love this and it doesn't waste time. To avoid the highlighters smudging the ink, use a laser printer or, after you have printed one sheet, photocopy the labels you need.

Kelly Traynor, maths co-ordinator, St Gregory's Primary School, Dorset

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