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What it's all about

In the continuing climate of economic uncertainty Gill Fielding, mother, entrepreneur and millionaire, has launched a petition to convince prime minister David Cameron of the need to teach the "financial five a day" to every child in the UK.

The petition suggests children need to study: how to get, manage and monitor a bank account; how to understand, manage and control borrowing; how to budget until next pay day; how to plan for the future and save; and how to take responsibility for their own financial well-being.

Ms Fielding wants to do for finance what Jamie Oliver did for food in schools. "I'm successful with money and have created that wealth myself from the gutter up; I know that it can be done," she says.

As a mother, she worries about her children's future and wants to help them and others to be independent and secure.

You can sign the petition for a financial five a day at

What else?

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Though written specifically to engage young boys, it is full of active ideas to suit any primary classroom.

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