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Welcome to Khan Academy

TES welcomes Khan Academy, an American education website that has shared more than 8,000 free maths videos.

What is it?

If your pupils are always wondering why they need maths, Khan Academy's resources, which place mathematical formulae in real-life contexts, will inspire. The extensive range of resources includes:

calculating the acceleration and speed of a space station;

working out total consumer surplus by comparing demand curve with market price;

deciding how many people it would be financially viable to employ for a company.

Other videos focus specifically on explaining key concepts such as algebra and trigonometry, but always use real-life examples. The collection covers everything from the basics of mathematics through to complex financial, economic and statistical concepts.

How did it start?

Khan Academy founder Sal Khan started by developing online maths tutorials for his niece, who had been placed in a remedial maths class. This led him to create a YouTube page to help the other pupils he tutored. Khan Academy is now a growing not-for-profit organisation.

What else?

Khan Academy is branching out beyond maths, with resources for science and history now available. Visit

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