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Mr Barton's Autograph video collections

These collections, from Craig Barton, are a series of videos put together to suggest ideas of how to use Autograph software in your classroom. There are tips for beginners and advanced users as well as videos that can be downloaded, put on your school's VLE or watched online.


The first set of videos covers all aspects of graphing in 2D, including lines, curves and transformations. It goes on to explain how Autograph can be used to help pupils better understand calculus.

Shape, space and measures

This set looks at ways to use Autograph to introduce and investigate the transformations of shapes and circle theorems, discover and test angle facts, and tackle Pythagoras and trigonometry in 2D and 3D.

Statistics and probability

These videos cover statistics and probability, using Autograph to process and represent data from the web or Excel, whether it be grouped or in a messy, raw form.

Try these video tutorials and give us (and Mr Barton) your feedback.

All videos can be found at

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