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Maths treasure hunts collection

Mathematical treasure hunts are a fantastic way to engage pupils in meaningful revision or to test and consolidate understanding of a topic. A little competition can bring even the most lethargic and reluctant of pupils to life, and a race against time around the classroom to find all the correct answers certainly fits that bill.

Laura Rees Hughes has created some high-quality treasure hunt resources and uploaded them all to TES Resources. They cover a range of topics and are suitable for all ages and ability levels.

What does the author say?

They are guaranteed to get pupils doing loads of questions in a very short space of time and with a smile on their face.


- Print out the cards and stick them around the classroom.

- Pupils select the colour they will follow - amber has more support and green has more challenge.

- Pupils choose a ticket to start at and answer the question on it.

- They write down the answer.

- To find the next question, they have to hunt for the ticket with their answer at the top.

- They continue until they get back to the ticket they started at (they should have 10 answers at this point).

- Check the answers and give a prize for the first to finish to keep the pupils motivated.

Try these resources with your pupils and tell us what you think. You can also visit Laura's maths blog at

Find all resources and links at

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