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Maths - Resource of the week

Time for a few maths games

What is it?

Kaz526 suggests a number of learning activities about time in this games pack, including:

- DIY bingo set: analogue, scripted and digital examples are among the cards that help develop pupils' understanding of different formats.

- Card-sorting activity: encourages problem-solving, ordering events and identifying different ways of writing time. All three conveniently use the same cards, which can be adapted for a number of other activities.

- Dice game: develops independent thinking skills and tests pupils' knowledge.

How can it be used?

This is a primary resource that can be used as revision material or to build pupils' confidence about time. The resource is ready to print - in colour and with clear instructions - but some preparation is needed before using it in the classroom. The cards need to be cut, and laminating will increase their longevity. However, much of the material is multi-purpose, which will save preparing game pieces for each lesson.

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