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Maths - Resource of the week

Sorting shapes

What is it?

A sorting task to enrich pupils' enjoyment of quadrilaterals. This board game by Nrich maths is styled in a grid shape. Pupils must place property cards, which determine shape values, along each axis. They must select a quadrilateral card and decide which two properties the shape meets in order to determine its rightful place on the board.

How can it be used?

Once pupils understand the basic rules, there are numerous extension tasks available to challenge them. To increase the longevity of the game, why not:

see if they can rearrange the property cards so that no quadrilateral card can be placed on the board;

see if they can set up the board so that they can fill in every square;

get them to design their own cards;

and once you have exhausted quadrilateral properties, use the extra triangle cards for a new challenge.

What else?

For a fun starter to warm up the brain cells, Not_Just_Sums has shared a dominoes game that assesses how well pupils know their shape names. Continue this active, fun approach to quadrilaterals with alutwyche's cut-and-stick "always true, sometimes true, never true" activity - a perfect plenary.

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