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Maths - Resource of the week

Exciting exam questions

Moans echo around the classroom when pupils see desks rearranged and past papers dug out for mock exams. It's a necessary evil, but often a boring, uninspiring and awkward lesson. Phildb has found a way to renew interest by turning the exam hall into a game show with his Core 1 Jeopardy resource.

What is it?

Based on the popular TV game show, pupils split into teams and select a category and number (the higher the number, the more points available and the harder the question). They then face an exam question.

The game covers:

- algebra;

- coordinate geometry;

- factor theorem;

- surds indices;

- inequalities binomial.

Why is it useful?

In a period during which pupils are "tested to death" with mock exams, the use of game formats can be refreshing and have a positive impact on their confidence when real exams arrive.

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