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Maths - Resource of the week

Out on the farm

Take maths out of the classroom and on to the land with worksheets from TES content partner Face (Farming and Countryside Education), which are designed for the use of key stage 1 pupils on field trips to farms.

What is it?

Ten colourful worksheets, which each set pupils a maths task to carry out on a farm, including:

- Views from different angles: pupils test their knowledge by turning 45, 90 and 275 degrees and describing what they see from each position.

- How big? Pupils pace a field to guess how big it is. They then discuss how their measurements could be made more accurate. You could use trundle wheels for more accurate measuring, then get pupils to estimate the entire size of the farm.

- How old is that tree? Pupils measure the circumference of a tree to work out its age. They can then discuss what historical events would have taken place in the tree's lifetime.

- Sequence patterns: Pupils explore the farm for leaves, pebbles, twigs and berries. They place their objects in a line on the ground creating a maths sequence pattern, such as one pebble, two berries, four leaves, two pebbles, four berries. Pupils can then work out what would be next in each others' sequences. In this case: eight leaves.

Why is it useful?

Before the winter chill sets in, take pupils on a field trip and put their maths skills to the test as they explore a local farm, its crops and livestock. It can become a cross-curricular project that combines geography, history, science and maths.

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