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CIMT secondary maths resources

The history of the resources

The Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching (CIMT) is part of Plymouth University and is a content partner with TES Resources. Its material is highly recommended, particularly the Mathematics Enhancement Program (MEP), which began life in 1995 and has since grown into a complete mathematics curriculum from primary school to A-level. All of the MEP resources are now available on TES Resources.

What's in them?

The secondary resources are divided into topics. Bundles include:

- Pupil practice book Textbook-style activities complete with notes, examples and answers suitable for all ability levels.

- Activities Ideas for rich tasks, projects, puzzles and group work, plus notes and solutions.

- Lesson plans A brief overview of the material that might be covered in the sequence of lessons, differentiated by level.

- Overhead slides Acetates and resources.

- Revision tests Differentiated end-of-unit tests to assess understanding, plus answers and marking schemes.

- Teaching notes An overview of the unit, including historical background and introduction, teaching points, common misconceptions, key languagenotation, key concepts and applications. The notes also provide guidance on which parts of the topic are suitable for standard, academic, express and special groups.

- Levelled extra exercises Textbook and exam-style questions targeted at standardacademic and expressspecial groups, plus answers.

How can they be used?

This is a complete set of resources for each topic area. The pupil practice books can be used to complement or replace existing textbook resources. There are related assessments and mental tests, the activities and historical backgrounds are fantastic and, best of all, there are lesson plans about how to bring it all together. Try the CIMT resources with your pupils and let us know what you think.

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