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Tarsia software

This week, TES Maths adviser and advanced skills teacher Craig Barton recommends Chuckieirish's collection of Tarsia maths resources.

What are they?

Tarsia is a piece of freely available software that allows teachers to create a wide range of jigsaws, dominoes and "follow-me" activities very easily. Visit TES Resources to find out how to download the software and try out the resources with your pupils.

Craig says:

Chuckieirish's Tarsias cover a wide range of the key stage 3, 4 and 5 maths curriculum, and like all good resources they are carefully designed to both challenge and offer support to students.

What does the author say?

Chuckieirish says: "I love Tarsias because they are fun and students learn best when they are enjoying themselves. It is also a very easy way to differentiate for different abilities without highlighting or spotlighting individual students. Students love the challenge andor sense of accomplishment they get working with Tarsias, too."

What else?

The collection covers topics like negative numbers, BODMAS, decimals, shape, measure and A-level core topics, to name but a few.

Find all resources in this edition at

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