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Out of the blocks and on to the track

Out of the blocks and on to the track

As part of the Out of the Blocks initiative, Cisco has released a set of free activity books and accompanying web resources for secondary schools, entitled "Cisco Maths and Science Series 2012". These tap into the growing enthusiasm for the Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire young people's interest in maths and science.

What is it?

The content includes an activity book and online resources. Tasks include decathlon equations, measuring the speed of different rowing teams, calculating bearings for sailors, analysing cyclists' data and understanding circumferences through archery.

What else?

On 27 February, Cisco in association with STEMnet will be launching the Maths and Science Challenge 2012 - Stem Challenge 10, offering pupils the chance to challenge the Olympic and Paralympic committee by becoming sports event organisers themselves. Prizes include a "gold medal" of #163;2,500 for your school's STEM club, "silver medal" of #163;1,000 and "bronze" of #163;500. All winners will receive eight tickets to one of the London 2012 events and merchandise.

Mathematically map the Olympic torch relay journey with CensusAtSchool's resource. Try davib's presentation for Olympic medals table data analysis.

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