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Maths - In the spotlight

3.14159265 ...

Pi Day on 14 March (written as 314 in the US) also coincides with the birthday of Albert Einstein.

What is it?

Since its inception at the San Francisco Exploratorium in 1988, the day has commonly been celebrated by eating pies and embracing the mathematical constant that helps us to understand circles. In recent years it has been used to raise awareness of how fun maths can be.

How can you celebrate?

- mgilmevans has shared a dingbats-themed pi game.

- Start the day by singing along to the pi song - which pupil can remember pi to the most decimal points?

- Visit to see what other teachers have done for Pi Days gone by. From baking cookies and discussing their circumferences to "pi-ing" teachers for charity, there are lots of entertaining ideas.

- Round up your lesson with fedoraboy's number search mental maths game to familiarise pupils with pi's first 64 digits.

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