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Maths - In the spotlight

Holiday inspiration

Most people return from New Zealand with memories of the food, wine and beautiful countryside. But maths teacher Richard Batchelor came back with an idea for tailor-made revision. "Customer service in New Zealand was overwhelmingly helpful - the customer was seen as an opportunity, not a problem," he says. "I thought, why not adopt the same view for teaching mathematics." So he launched a company, Engaging Maths, and developed a guide to demystify the functions of Casio graphic calculators.

What is it?

An easy-to-use guide that shows how Casio graphic calculators can be successfully applied - and not only in their graphing functions - to calculus, matrices, regression, trigonometry, probability, complex numbers and most areas of the A-level syllabus.

Who is it for?

Both students and teachers. "Proficient use of a graphic calculator is a serious leg-up to exam success," Batchelor says. "If we are to do our best by our A-level students, then we must consider this."

What else?

Engaging Maths runs tailor-made, one-day Easter revision courses in the Nottingham area. Groups are restricted to 10 students. Post-course support is also available via email until students' exams.

For more information about the Casio Graphic Calculator Guide, or to book a one day revision course, see or email

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