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Countdown to the Games

Looking for Olympics-themed maths and science resources to get students excited about London 2012? Then visit to try the Maths and Sport: Countdown to the Games project from the University of Cambridge's award-winning Millennium Mathematics Project and Get Set, the official London 2012 education programme.

What is it?

A website with at least 10 topic areas for each key stage, including:

- Olympic rings: a key stage 1 activity exploring shapes and patterns through the official Olympic logo.

- National flags: explore reflection, perpendicular and parallel lines with this KS2 resource.

- Archery: a KS3 interactive lesson that tests students' archery skills before setting them on a data-gathering task to discover the best sight adjustment needed to hit the bullseye.

- Track design: puzzle over radii and distance with KS4 students to design a scale drawing of the Olympic running track.

- David and Goliath: get statistical about shot-put with a KS5 spreadsheet analysis lesson.

- Or for KS3-5, take part in the Olympic LOGO challenge: can students design a program that recreates the logo? Do this theoretically or make use of the TWILGO environment on the website.

Each activity is accompanied by teachers' notes, further links, worksheets and hints.

What else?

Get pupils puzzling over problems and finding sporty solutions with Lost_in_Space's Olympic number-sorting activities.

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