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New TES partner Brightstorm has recorded more than 250 video tutorials to help post-16 students during the crucial revision period.

What is it?

Each three-minute tutorial shows a teacher explaining complex mathematical problems step by step. They are perfect for home revision or a quick starter recap. Topics include algebra, geometry, trigonometry and calculus. Each tutorial comes with:

- Instant Maths: create DIY questions with generated answers.

- QA: a comments thread where students can get advice from maths experts.

- Transcript: students can print this out for take-away revision.

Why is it useful?

Rather than bombarding students with tests, Brightstorm allows them time to refresh and reflect on the core mathematical theorems, reminding them how to approach each problem and why they should tackle each one in a particular way.

What else?

See Brightstorm's TES Resources profile and visit its website for more than 2,500 free maths and science tutorials.

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Tes Editorial

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