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Many primary pupils dream of becoming astronauts, but can be put off at secondary school when they realise the high level of maths and science required. The TES Maths STEM Collection might help them to hold on to their dreams with a series of exciting activities that apply maths in practical ways to inspire the spacemen of the future.

What is it?

Ten of the best STEM resources on TES Resources, including:

- Maths Rocket Project. Pupils form teams to create pop-bottle rockets, applying maths, science and business skills as they think about circumference, mass, temperature and budget in planning their rocket. Everyone has their own role in its creation - team manager, financial controller, designer or rocket builder.

- Snowboard Designer. This colourful handout demonstrates the importance of maths and science to everyone from the technical team to the graphic designer in developing the perfect board. It is particularly inspiring for sports students.

- Time to Evolve. Aimed at budding biologists, this online task asks pupils to calculate how many generations would link a current evolutionist to a distant ancestor - a 400 million-year-old bony fish.

Why is it useful?

If you've been focusing on mock exams and end-of-year tests, try these resources for a well-earned break and get students thinking about their futures.

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