Maths - Videos add up to success

What the lesson is about

This secondary maths collection, assembled by Craig Barton from Teachers TV, has several videos for use in class. These range from maths for even the most reluctant pupil to programmes on the variety of careers that require good maths skills.

Getting started

The "Inside Maths" series suggests ways to tackle some of the duller topics in maths. Distancetime graphs are shown through the example of measuring sporting fitness (for S4-6); ratios and proportions are explained as presenters Fran and Davie cook the food for a dinner party; and straight line graphs are used to compare the price difference of two mobile phone deals.

Taking it further

"Maths in the Real World" is a series of videos which reveals how maths creeps into everyday life. "Hotel" has 12 short mathematical sequences from behind the scenes at a London hotel. Each one shows a different context for pupils to explore, investigate and discuss, from staff rotas to toilet rolls, to reception. "Cricket" has 10 sequences filmed during a match, with questions on how fast a ball travels, how high, what the score is, and why cricket pitches are often oval. "Night Train", filmed on a sleeper from London to Scotland, asks how fast and how far the train travels, how much food is carried, how many sheets are there, how do the carriages get cleaned, and is that bed really big enough? Other videos in this collection have quick-fire maths starter activities filmed in a building yard, a shopping mall and at the seaside. Careers videos look at maths in the Navy, and how maths is used by a spacecraft engineer, a planetary scientist, and in engineering.

Where to find it

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