McCrone legacy is still uncertain

It is clear from the study of experienced teachers (page one) that there is no common view in the profession about the merits of the post-McCrone deal.

It depends where you are in the career pecking order, what school you are in and in what authority. Perhaps that should not be surprising.

The study reveals pluses and minuses. There is recognition of teachers as professionals, better CPD and improved probation. But there are still too many after-school meetings, too much paperwork, more clock-watching, fewer career openings and flaws in job-sizing. In such a complex deal covering pay and conditions, that is inevitable and will take years to work through.

Some suggest it will take 10 years for the benefits to emerge.

Half the teachers are due to leave by then and their replacements will no longer have the mindset of the retiring generation. But we are only halfway through the McCrone deal. There is time for more positives to emerge. It is still a good agreement.

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