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Cairngorms National Park Authority is sponsoring training for school pupils in and around the park about film and documentary making.

Last month, 15 participants from Speyside and Kingussie high schools and Alford Academy, learned about programme making and planning, scriptwriting, camera and sound techniques, interviewing and digital editing.

The event was organised and sponsored by the Cairngorms National Park Authority (CNPA) and led by the Aberdeenshire Media Unit. Elspeth Grant, the social inclusion officer, said: "It is important that the young people who live in or near the park know, understand and care about its special qualities as it will give them a sense of ownership.

"What is encouraging about this project is that it will allow children to learn about and investigate the park, and it will give them exciting skills which can be used to educate a wider audience about the park."

Each school will now produce a film focusing on one of the National Park Plan's priorities for action and how it relates to their local environment, landscape, traditions and community.

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