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Meet the brains behind AUT Wales

Those with easily-turned stomachs should be wary of the catering at Association of Teachers and Lecturers' events in Wales. Philip Dixon, the new director of ATL's Welsh wing, is known for his fondness for Italian food and offal, particularly tongue.

ATL colleagues say he has been talking about a recipe involving cooking the brains, eyeballs and tongue of a sheep and then serving them in the skull.

Dr Dixon denies this, but is happy to discuss his fondness for lambs'


"You cleave the head in half, grill it, then you sprinkle a gratin of bread and parsley on top," he said. "It's luvverly."

The union director also enjoys cooking goat and had a deal with a halal butcher in Cardiff, who would save him half a goat whenever there was a small Somali wedding. Large Somali weddings require a whole goat, apparently, so poor Dr Dixon lost out whenever the guest list was too long.

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