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Meet the new teachers

Age 20


Third Year BA primary education

Came to teaching from?

"Straight from school. Once a week I went back to my old primary school to help out during my A-Levels."

Best lecture so far?

"The specialist subject classes are much more practical and really get you going. For me, that's ICT and PE."

Been a waste of time?

"We spent so much time in the first year just listening when it would have been better to do more practical stuff."

Inspired by?

"It was good to see my old teachers again and to see how they taught us lot, but from the other perspective."

Most absurd piece of educational jargon you have heard so far?

"It took a while to get my head around all the abbreviations such as the NNS, NLT, QCA, and Ofsted. And pedagogy - still can't say it and still don't know what it means!"

Can't wait toI ?

"Get in there! The paper work is the least desirable part of the job, but to see them learning and doing what you've planned, and if things go well - it's just going to be brilliant. The hands-on experience is really scary to think about but I can't wait! I also want to teach in Australia."

What made you want to teach?

"I had a friend whose dyslexia wasn't recognised until in the fourth year of juniors and even in the late teens couldn't read very well. That made me want to make a difference as you really need to spot that kind of thing early so that children don't face the same problems throughout school."

Best thing about university life?

"New friends. They become like another family. I live with four other teachers and that gives me more support than I could possibly ask for."

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