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Meet the new teachers

Age 23


Third Year BA Primary Education

Came to teaching from?

"I knew I wanted to teach so I did things such as retake two GCSEs to boost my chances of carrying on with what I wanted to do. I worked for two years in a supermarket to save money to pay for the course."

Best lecture so far?

"I'm interested in psychology, so the ones about how kids think. Also the subject lectures which are like being back at school and have given me good ideas for my own lessons."

Been a waste of time?

"Sometimes it's so hard to find the books in the library because everyone needs them at the same time that you end up thinking, is it worth it?"

Inspired by...?

"One of my primary teachers. He always tried to involve us in everything.

For example, in a lesson about rainforests, he really got us thinking about the wider world. I think that if you can get more kids to think like that there is a greater chance of us becoming more welcoming and having less discrimination around."

Most absurd piece of educational jargon you have heard so far?

"I'm specialising in ICT and although I've always thought I was quite good at it, some of the stuff they went on about such as HTML was so much to take in that I came out the class worse off than I went in!

Can't wait to...?

"I want to really make things fun for children and get involved with what they are doing. In the classroom I'd like to use all the space available to make it interesting and attractive for them."

What made you want to teach?

"I've always enjoyed being around kids. I'm one of the oldest in the family and have lots and lots of cousins. I've always looked after them which has given me that kind of head. " Best thing about university life?

"Being part of the university community and getting involved in the events and committees. Meeting new people as well.

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