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Meet the new teachers: from york st John

Name - Rhys Davies

Age 28

Subject Upper primary PGCE

Came to teaching from?

Working as a business analyst for GE Capital in Leeds. I found my job becoming more abstract and less relevant to the real world. I wanted to do something that would push me; I believe that matters.

Why choose teaching?

My wife is a teacher and I would take days off from work to help her out on school trips. When I saw the interaction she had with the children I felt really inspired. I had originally considered teaching while still at school but two of my teachers there actually told me not to, so it put me off! My parents and grandparents are also teachers and I wonder if I initially didn't follow my heart because it seemed like too much of an easy option to follow in their footsteps?

Best lecture so far?

Our first history lecture focused on how to use history to engage children.

It was a good practical demonstration and we really experienced engagement first-hand. We were on the edge of our seats with total involvement in the session. It made you want to shout the answers out even if someone else was already answering the question.

Biggest waste of time?

A workshop on displays. It was all about mounting and presentation and I didn't learn anything that I didn't already know from GCSE art. The workshop concluded by telling us that we should check the school's display policy.

Inspired by?

My Year 5 teacher Mr Jarvis and also my head of year at secondary school.

Both had a great sense of humour but also drew a clear line on what was unacceptable behaviour. They taught me the importance of consistency as a teacher, and managing expectations. If pupils know where they stand with you then they are more likely to respect you. Respect is something that you have to build up and earn, you can't just expect it.

Most absurd piece of educational jargon heard so far?

Envoying - the closest to business psychobabble that I have come across. Or thought shower instead of brainstorm.

Can't wait to?

Get a job and my own class.

What have you done about job hunting?

Nothing significant so far. I'm planning to focus on it more after Christmas.

Best thing about university life?

It is totally different from the first time around. I have spent more time in the library in the past four months than I did during my whole degree course. I feel more disciplined from my time working at GE Capital so I am better equipped to apply myself to research and study. And I am thoroughly enjoying myself, too.

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