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Meet the trainee

Age: 45. I've just taught my first PSHE lesson on 'sustainable development'. Once I had explained the terminology, I was impressed with intelligent responses.

I couldn't believe it when a Year 7 pupil told me that my science lesson was simply the best he'd ever had.

I'm really looking forward to my next placement. Practicals are much more fun!

I'm nervous about how the pupils will accept me. Being foreign, I am a little anxious about being different, but I'm getting more confident.

My interview outfit is something comfortable so I can feel relaxed and enjoy the interview.

My biggest fear is giving detentions. In Bulgaria, I worked with a selective school with pupils of a very high intellect, so the focus was always on the positive.

i would like to work in a big school with lots of colleagues so we can swap ideas.

I will probably work somewhere in Wales.

As soon as I spoke to the people here, I felt wanted and I felt that this was the place that I should be.

Wales is beautiful and Welsh people always seem so caring and ready to help.

Sonya Mineva, is studying a PGCE Secondary course in physics at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and is on teaching practice at Lewis Girls' Comprehensive School

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