Meet the trainee

John, 26, from Belfast, is studying for a secondary PGCE in maths at Westwood college at Warwick university

I want to become a teacher because... I've worked closely with young people, sports coaching. I enjoyed it more than my previous job and thought it would be something I'd be good at.

My biggest inspiration at school was... all my teachers. I went to Methodist College in Belfast. They were all on a mission to try and get the best out of us, in particular the physics teacher, Mrs Richardson. She was almost as happy as I was when I got into university.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me so far is... on the pre-placement I got the opportunity to take part in a lesson. That was a big buzz, especially when I was stood in front of the kids.

I can't wait... to get into the classroom and have my own class to work with.

But I'm dreading... being asked really difficult questions that I don't know the answers to. I'm not sure what I'll do - I guess I'll deal with it when it happens.

I would like my first job to be... taking an A-Level class and maybe being involved in sport.

I'll know I'm a teacher when... I'm in the classroom as the only adult for the first time.

If I wasn't going into teaching I'd be... a journalist. I used to be one before.

If I were education minister,I would... leave the school dinners to Jamie Oliver and concentrate on more practical matters. Teachers need more support and less criticism.

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