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Meet the trainee

Mitesh, 25, from Coventry, is taking a GTP primary at Westwood College, Warwick university

I want to become a teacher because... primary school kids are bound to be fun. You have more say in how they develop compared with secondary kids My biggest inspiration at school was... Mr Hall, my primary teacher. I used to ask him loads of random questions, mainly about geography and capital cities, yet he always answered each one. He was good fun.

The most exciting thing that's happened so far is... teaching 30 kids and them all focusing on what I told them. I made one girl cry, but then a few of them came and hugged me, including the girl who had been crying. It showed how much they looked up to me and how important my role as a teacher was.

I can't wait I for my first pay-packet! Apart from that, the thrill of having my own class and seeing the respect they have for me as a teacher.

But I'm dreading... being with the youngest kids when they get their toilet problems.

I would like my first job to be in.... a primary school, in an idyllic setting, with an option eventually of moving abroad.

I'll know I'm a teacher when... I get that special feeling that pupils are looking up to me. .

If I wasn't going into teaching I'd be... travelling. I'd maybe go to Australia and become a diving instructor.

This evening I'm... having a drink with fellow students.

If I were Ruth Kelly I would... look at the education budget. Some schools have to put a lot into fundraising to stay afloat. There must be a way of redistributing wealth to help those that need it.

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