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Meet the trainee

Ashley, 22, from Birmingham, is studying a PGCE in Spanish at Warwick university.

I want to become a teacher because... it's something I've wanted to do. I used to teach Spanish to my teddy bears, my sister and my mum.

Biggest inspiration? Mrs Leah at King Edwards in Aston, my Spanish teacher.

Totally enthusiastic and eccentric. She was from Argentina, very flamboyant, dancing around the room.

The most exciting thing I've seen? Watching the kids learn and put into practice what they learn.

I can't wait... for my first placement. That will be proud moment for myself and for my family. I want to be a fun teacher, but also become a head of department.

But I'm dreading... getting our booklets and assignments. After university, I think it may come as a shock to the system.

I would like my first job to be in... ideally NOT a comprehensive. I'm used to private and grammar schools.

I'll know I'm a teacher when.. . Actually, the penny dropped a few weeks ao when I was called Mr Orr for the first time.

If I wasn't going into teaching I'd belll probably joining a dance school.

If I were Ruth Kelly I would... make modern languages compulsory for over-14s. I feel they should be compulsory for all.

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