Meet the trainee: in Aberdeen

Age: 35 I've just had a baby and moved house while doing this course. I like to put as much stress in my life as I can!

I want to teach because I was a community learning worker in my last job and I think we should treat children like human beings.

The most exciting thing is being in the classroom on placement. I hate this dour attitude that young people are an irritation - they make me laugh and they're good company.

I'm really not looking forward to the early starts! After very focused six or eight-week blocks, there's free time to look forward to. You don't get that in any other job.

I don't understand why young people get such a bad press. I hope I'll be the kind of teacher who keeps an open mind and is always interested in what children are saying.

The Scottish education system is something to be proud of. It has high standards and there seems to be a real motivation to improve it so that it changes and evolves. I've taught in England and was educated in Northern Ireland, so I think I can speak from experience.

Joanna Lawes is taking a PGDE (secondary) in German at the University of Aberdeen

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