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Meet the Trainee: in liverpool

Age 20

I've just been to a two-hour maths session on "Learning Theories in Mathematics" which did not feel like a maths session at all as this module focuses on how we learn maths rather than actually doing it.

I want to become a teacher because when children learn something that you have taught them, you feel a great sense of achievement.

The most exciting thing that's happened to me so far was walking away at the end of the day and saying to myself that the children in my class learnt something new today, and that I taught them.

But I'm really not looking forward to getting all these assignments this getting all these assignments this week. I hate writing essays! I'd rather do algebra.

I don't understand why I have to write an essay for a maths module!

I hope I'll be the kind of teacher who has good communication skills, is confident, and can show authority when entering a classroom.

Sadaf Mann is studying BA (QTS) in Maths at Liverpool Hope university

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