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Meet your mentor

(Photograph) - His CV says he got promoted to head in the same school. Does he still get time to teach?

Nikki Smith, a fast track Design and Technology NQT from Cambridge, visits a head in the North West for careers advice

Welcome, Nikki. I'll take you to meet the troops in the staffroom

Iain Hulland has been at Alder Grange in Rossendale, Lancs, for 15 years.

In 2004 he was named headteacher of the year

I'd like to be a head of department. But how do I get beyond that?

As they head from the staffroom to the assembly hall, Iain explains how promotion was not a problem for him

Opportunities come your way: you can't plan them

Nikki watches Iain take Year 7 assembly before they go back to his office for a chat about planning Nikki's career path

Enjoy the work you're doing - time helps you get inside the guts of the job

Iain advises her that staying in one school for a length of time instead of moving around a lot is a sensible strategy

So staying put can help you avoid mistakes and build on your successes.

Thanks for your advice

And finally, Iain suggests she looks outside school for ideas: the Design Council and the think tank Demos are useful, he says

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