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To: Hubs, Providers and Partners

From: The customer feedback committee

Subject: Update on the latest user survey

As most of you will know, the 2006 survey of learners created some unintended publicity for Ufi. The story ran in all the tabloids - with The Sun putting it on page 5, next to the latest news about Rooney's foot. The minister was delighted with all the media attention - apparently there's been an invite on to Richard and Judy.

It took some time to explain that the questionnaire had been sabotaged by an unhappy employee. We were particularly irritated because the department didn't seem to be able to spot the spoof questions from the real ones.

Some of the answers do raise questions of delivery and user perception. Who would have thought that 27 per cent use learndirect participation as a cover for extra-marital affairs, or that 12 per cent are planning to sign up for more learning because they fancy the person at the next keyboard?

Seventy six per cent reported that signing on for a learndirect course had improved their lives in some way. It's heartening to know that 38 per cent were now able to participate in computer dating, 12 per cent were buying and selling items on e-Bay and an impressive 42 per cent were actively engaged in some kind of finance deal, often with business contacts in Nigeria. All good evidence of user upskilling as I'm sure you will agree.

The experience has helped us re-focus our interaction with stakeholders. We are still working through the detail , but we think that the questionnaire has helped us identify new interface opportunities, with added value for learners and cost plus incentivisation for providers.

New courses will focus on chat room etiquette and online gaming. Instead of the module on building a good CV, we intend to run a short course on improving your online dating profile, with advanced image manipulation at level 2.

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